Our goal is to assist travelers to find their
ultimate alternative that fits in
their budget

What is Chehobo

Chehobo.com is a sales and trade system based in the UAE, designed specifically for travel and tour agencies as well as corporate organizations in order for them to purchase cost efficient accomodations, flights, transfers and tour and event tickets. Our purpose is to help travelers find their ultimate alternative that fits in their budget. With our user friendly system , we ensure you absolute delight and satisfaction planning your vacation.

We created Chehobo for travel agents who treats their customers as kings and queens for the companies that desire the most marvelous of travel experiences.

Chehobo Is Delivering The 5 Aspects of
Global Travelling


A unique transfer service
with Chehobo


Qantas, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Air france are at Chehobo among 900 other trusted airlines


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475.000+ Hotels are at Chehobo with best prices.


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Why Chehobo?

You can use this travel platform to
plan every step of your vacation

You can purchase all of your requirements for the perfect vacation. Everything ranging from flights, accomodations, airport transfers, daily tours and events are available in Chehobo.

Always offers you the best prices available.

Chehobo promises you the best available rates.

User Friendly

The booking platform is created in such a fashion that even the most inexperienced traveler can use the system without any technical difficulty. We avoid implementing any unnecessary images or buttons so you can have the easiest and the smoothest booking experience.

Customer satisfaction is constitutional.

We work for the travel agents who treats their customers as kings and queens and for the companies which desire the most marvelous travel of experiences.

Local Representatives (Franchise Model)

 Due to the franchise model of Chehobo, every user will find an accomplished company who represents CHEHOBO in their country.

Local Product Suppliers

 Thanks to our local representatives, our hub gets the best available rates from local sources.

Constantly developing

Our product development will keep you amazed. When it comes to travelling 'We always go the extra mile for you'. Leave it to our expert hands to advance our products to your satisfaction.

Can be used in mobile devices.

Take your business with you everywhere and anywhere, now compatible with mobile browser with a responsive design, soon mobile apps will be released for all platforms.